US’ Newtex Industries acquires Gentex’s industrial textile division

  • Newtex Industries has successfully acquired Gentex Corp’s industrial textile division, which includes well-known trademarks Dual-Mirror and FlexIR.
  • This broadens Newtex’s product offerings, particularly in radiant heat shielding.
  • CEO Jerry Joliet emphasises the commitment to safety and the expansion’s benefits for industrial and military high-temperature textile applications.

Newtex Industries, a leading maker of high-performance textiles and fabricated textile systems for thermal management and fire protection, announced the successful acquisition of Gentex Corp.’s industrial textile division. This acquisition includes the market-leading aluminized fabric brands Dual-Mirror and FlexIR, which significantly expands Newtex’s existing product line.

“The acquisition of Gentex’s textile sector, which includes the Dual-Mirror and FlexIR brands, demonstrates our global commitment to firefighter, industrial worker, equipment, and facility safety. The combination of our Z-Flex aluminum solutions with the Gentex brands will result in a full portfolio for any imaginable radiant heat shielding requirement.”

This strategic acquisition reinforces Newtex’s position as a global leader in high-temperature textiles for industrial and military applications, according to a press statement.

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