North American Nonwovens Industry Booms, Setting New Records for Growth and Adaptability

The nonwovens industry in North America is experiencing an extraordinary surge, propelling it to new heights of success, according to the highly anticipated North American Nonwoven Materials Annual Study 2022 released by INDA, the renowned nonwovens association based in Cary. The groundbreaking study uncovers a breathtaking expansion of the region’s nonwovens capacity, with investments pouring in across diverse processes and applications. What’s more, the industry’s nameplate capacity utilization has skyrocketed for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year.

In a remarkable feat, the total nonwovens capacity in North America reached an astonishing 5.565 million tons in 2022, showcasing a staggering 2.4% surge from the previous year. This monumental leap translates to a net growth of a mind-blowing 128,700 tons, surpassing the already impressive growth rate of 1.8% observed in the previous year. This upward trajectory serves as a resounding testament to the industry’s unwavering resilience and unmatched adaptability in the face of challenges.

The study also unveiled the pandemic’s impact on nonwovens trade in the region. While market stabilization efforts following the COVID-19 crisis led to a decline of 24.3% in tonnage for North American imports in 2022, exports faced a decrease of 16.3%. However, it’s crucial to note that nonwoven production primarily remains within the region of manufacture. Consequently, the net trade balance, which accounts for imports minus exports, constituted less than a mere 5.5% of the overall capacity in the region.

Mark Snider, the brilliant chief market and industry analyst at INDA, enthusiastically remarked, “2022 was a period of economic adjustment and stabilization. We are witnessing a controlled and consistent transition back to pre-pandemic levels of growth. The nonwovens industry has showcased remarkable resilience and adaptability, positioning itself for unparalleled expansion and development.”

Tony Fragnito, the visionary president of INDA, emphasized the association’s unwavering commitment to providing the nonwovens and engineered materials industry with precise and reliable statistics. He firmly believes that the industry will reap immense benefits from the comprehensive data and profound insights presented in the study, empowering strategic planning and informed investment decisions.

Conducted through meticulous surveys and interviews with industry producers, this groundbreaking study meticulously tracks machine additions, closures, and productivity improvements. Serving as the ultimate benchmark for capacity and production information in North America, it provides an estimate of operating rates based on nameplate machine capacity. This invaluable resource arms industry stakeholders with the necessary tools to expertly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the nonwovens industry.

As the nonwovens sector continues its extraordinary growth, the North American Nonwoven Materials Annual Study 2022 offers a captivating snapshot of the industry’s monumental progress. With burgeoning capacity, unwavering focus on strategic planning, and an unwavering dedication to improving data quality, the nonwovens industry in North America stands proudly poised for unparalleled growth and triumphant success. Brace yourself for the nonwovens revolution that’s sweeping the continent .



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