Thermore’s Eco-Friendly Breakthrough: Pioneering Mountain Sports Gear for Ocean Conservation

In a groundbreaking stride towards preserving our planet’s oceans, renowned thermal insulation expert Thermore has unleashed an awe-inspiring innovation that not only revolutionizes mountain sports gear but also combats the looming threat to our marine ecosystems. Prepare to be amazed as Thermore unveils their latest triumph—Ecodown Fibers Ocean—the world’s first insulation crafted entirely from 100% recycled ocean bound materials, setting the stage for a remarkable fusion of adventure and environmental stewardship.

Recognizing the delicate interconnections of our planet, Thermore has long been at the forefront of the battle for cleaner oceans. To safeguard water bodies and the food chain, the company took a definitive stand years ago by banning microfibers from their product range. Now, they embark on an audacious journey by introducing Ecodown Fibers Ocean, a thermal insulation born from the recycling of PET bottles collected from ocean environments.

Prepare to be enveloped in a world of eco-friendly luxury as Ecodown Fibers Ocean boasts exceptional softness and an unprecedented resistance to clumping, echoing the outstanding performance of all Thermore’s Ecodown products. What’s more, this revolutionary insulation has been proudly awarded the esteemed Ocean Cycle certification, solidifying its position as the sustainable and conscientious choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Crafted with utmost care at Thermore’s cutting-edge production site in Hong Kong, Ecodown Fibers Ocean emerges as a ray of hope amidst the mounting plastic pollution crisis devastating our oceans. With a staggering 80% of all oceanic plastic pollution originating from sources in proximity to our precious marine habitats, Thermore’s game-changing creation paves a path towards a cleaner, greener future.

Yet Thermore’s commitment to environmental preservation reaches far beyond the shores. Fueled by an unwavering dedication to taking immediate action, the company pushes the boundaries further by significantly increasing the content of recycled fibers in their flagship product, Thermore Classic. Boasting an impressive 75% recycled fiber composition, Thermore Classic cements its position as the go-to thermal insulation for eco-conscious adventurers craving both performance and sustainability.

Thermore’s trailblazing initiatives have not only raised the bar for sustainable practices within the industry but have also captivated the attention of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to cleaner oceans and the revolutionary Ecodown Fibers Ocean, Thermore emerges as the torchbearer illuminating a path towards a brighter, more sustainable future for mountain sports.


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