Promoting good sleep with Outlast

Outlast Technologies, headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany, introduced a number of new products to its range of heat-regulating and moisture-reducing bedding materials during January’s Heimtextil home textiles show in Frankfurt.

Ordway combines the tried-and-tested Outlast thermo-technology coating with a thin 3D mesh in a product characterised by high elasticity and strong material thickness, but with an extremely pleasant and soft feel, ideally to be combined with viscoelastic foam in functional components.

The use of sparkling yarns meanwhile provides Grover fabrics with an elegant satin look. Despite its fine texture, Grover has a high heat-absorption capacity to reduce perspiration during sleep and promote good temperature regulation in the bed.

Another new bedding item, Snyder, has an ultra-soft feel and is supplied in a fresh, appealing blue colour.

With the help of natural materials, Outlast bedding has the potential to reduce sweating by up to 48% and uses natural wax as a buffer material for thermoregulation and lyocell as its base material. In addition to being made from regenerative wood fibres, lyocell also saves resources during production, using up to 35 times less water than cotton.


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