Puma and Modibodi Launch Groundbreaking Active Period Underwear Collection, Redefining Protection and Performance for Athletes

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Puma and Modibodi have unveiled their highly anticipated third installment of active period underwear, revolutionizing athletic apparel with unmatched protection and performance. The Puma x Modibodi collection combines Modibodi’s patented technology with Puma’s expertise, delivering a line of undergarments that sets a new standard in safeguarding and functionality both on and off the sporting arena.

The exquisite Puma x Modibodi active period underwear is an ensemble in a league of its own, meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort and unrivaled functionality. The collection seamlessly merges supple, breathable fabrics that effortlessly move and stretch with your body, ingeniously infused with Modibodi’s concealed absorbent lining. This lining acts as a proven barrier, triumphantly warding off leaks, perspiration, and discharge, empowering athletes to compete fearlessly.

Jamilla Riley, esteemed ambassador of Modibodi and captain of Brisbane City FC, shares her personal experience, emphasizing the discomfort and anxiety that menstruating athletes often face. Riley praises the new Puma x Modibodi active period undies, which not only introduce much-needed innovation to sportswear but also provide invaluable support, empowering athletes to perform at their best. The collection offers a blissfully comfortable solution that eliminates the fear of leaks and allows athletes to focus on their game with confidence and mental fortitude.

Charissa Lanham, Director of Design and Innovation at Modibodi, explains the motivation behind this groundbreaking collaboration, aiming to dismantle the stigma surrounding menstruation challenges in competitive sports. The partnership with Puma has led to the meticulous crafting of active period underwear that harnesses Modibodi’s patented technology, featuring a leak-proof barrier layer that guarantees secure protection. Athletes can now devote their full attention to their game, free from the worry of their period.

The Puma x Modibodi collection has quickly become an essential part of any athlete’s workout routine, providing unparalleled peace of mind on the field. With the ability to absorb fluids while preventing leaks and unsightly stains, these revolutionary undergarments eliminate the need for disposable pads, liners, and tampons during gameplay. The slim, absorbent black lining, boasting three layers of integrated technology, can securely hold up to 15ml without compromising activewear or sports uniforms.

Ensuring unmatched comfort, each design is meticulously crafted from 82 percent recycled materials, featuring a wider logo waistband for a secure fit during play and an aerated mesh side panel that maximizes airflow, allowing the skin to breathe. Modibodi’s proprietary Modifier technology expertly wicks away moisture and sweat, effectively trapping fluids and odors, leaving athletes feeling refreshingly dry and confident.

The collection is available in two captivating colorways—black/platinum grey and black/green—and encompasses three distinct styles, catering to various absorbency levels, ranging from light-moderate to moderate-heavy. These exceptional undergarments flawlessly absorb both menstrual flow and sweat, ensuring athletes stay fresh and dry long after the final whistle.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey where innovation, comfort, and reliability converge to empower athletes around the world. With the Puma x Modibodi active period underwear collection, athletes can redefine their sporting experience, enjoying ultimate protection and performance like never before.


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