Revolutionizing Nonwovens Industry Quality Control: Uster’s Cutting-Edge Solutions Make Their Mark

In the intricate world of textiles, where even the tiniest defects can snowball into significant issues, Uster has emerged as a beacon of quality control. With an impressive array of automated inspection systems, this Swiss company is reshaping the nonwovens industry’s approach to flawless fabric production.

The laundry list of potential defects—ranging from unopened fibers and neps to black spots and holes—has long haunted textile manufacturers. However, Uster’s innovative systems, like the EVS Fabriq Vision N and Jossi Vision Shield N, are changing the game. These cutting-edge technologies are not only capable of reliably detecting these flaws during the production process but also significantly reducing the risk of customer claims.

Michelle Salg, Uster’s expert product manager for fabric inspection, remarks, “Uster EVS Fabriq Vision N ensures reliable fault detection by using automated inspection during the production process – and significantly reduces the risk of customer claims.” She adds that the system’s ability to capture even the minutest faults also paves the way for optimizing web yield, a crucial factor in the industry.

It’s not just the quality control aspect that’s capturing attention; the Uster Jossi Vision Shield N is having a tangible impact on major business goals and positively influencing key performance indicators. According to Siegenthaler, a spokesperson for the company, nonwovens companies are keen on tapping into Uster’s reputation for attention to detail, often seeking advice and solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

The trust bestowed upon Uster is evident from the regular visits of nonwovens companies to their exhibition booths, where they leave samples for testing or send them in later. This mutual collaboration signifies a thriving partnership based on trust, with Uster’s experts lending their expertise to provide valuable advice.

Uster’s role doesn’t just end at spotting flaws; they are invested in helping producers maximize their business value by seamlessly integrating their systems into production and processing environments. This balance between open collaboration and total confidentiality sets Uster apart as a reliable partner for the nonwovens industry.

As the textile industry witnesses a revolution in quality control, Uster stands at the forefront, steering manufacturers away from raw material losses, second-rate productions, and customer dissatisfaction. With their state-of-the-art solutions, the future of nonwovens is brighter and more flawless than ever before.


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