Roswell Textiles Introduces ECOFUSE: Plant-Based Solution Reducing Carbon Emissions in Disposable Products

Calgary-based company, Roswell Textiles, is making waves in the textile industry with its innovative plant-based solution called ECOFUSE. The company’s proprietary meltblown materials have gained recognition for their significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional synthetic materials.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Roswell Textiles heeded the Canadian federal government’s call for domestic production capacity of synthetic meltblown materials. Leveraging their machine design and engineering expertise from their previous oil and gas manufacturing business, the team developed its own meltblown production line capable of supplying PPE manufacturers across North America.

The strategic partnership and subsequent acquisition of Roswell Textiles by the PADM Group, a leader in medical personal protective equipment (PPE), further strengthened their position in the industry. Together, they have pioneered the use of ECOFUSE materials in medical respiratory applications and other nonwoven medical products.

ECOFUSE materials, branded under Roswell Textiles, have achieved remarkable success, particularly in the medical sector. The materials were used as the primary components in an FDA 510(k) approved ASTM Level 3 procedural face mask, making it the first-ever plant-based medical-grade face mask with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. This breakthrough has enabled U.S. hospitals and clinics to utilize environmentally friendly options for their protective equipment.

Beyond the medical field, ECOFUSE materials have found applications in various industries, including industrial water filtration, energy, and mining. Notably, energy producers and mining operators can now derive carbon offsets from their supply chains by utilizing ECOFUSE-based water filtration products.

Roswell Textiles’ president, Kyle Fiolka, emphasizes the importance of reducing carbon emissions and the shifting attitudes toward synthetic plastics in disposable products. With ECOFUSE, the company offers a unique solution to replace traditional synthetic materials, enabling clients to reduce their carbon emissions while maintaining product quality.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to food and beverage applications, where ECOFUSE materials allow for the development of home compostable products. Additionally, the materials are being used in HVAC filters for improved air quality and energy efficiency.

Roswell Textiles continues to innovate by building its nonwoven manufacturing equipment in-house and expanding its production capabilities. The company is currently constructing a bi-component spunbond line and introducing lamination technologies.

By introducing ECOFUSE and its plant-based meltblown materials, Roswell Textiles is spearheading a significant shift in the textile industry. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and providing sustainable alternatives, the company is making a positive impact on global warming while ensuring the dependability and quality of its products.

As Roswell Textiles leads the charge toward a greener future, it remains at the forefront of innovation, inspiring other companies to embrace sustainable solutions in their respective industries.


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