Saurer Unveils Revolutionary Yarns from Recycled Textile Waste at ITMA 2023

Saurer, a Swiss pioneer in cotton spinning technology, is capturing the spotlight at ITMA 2023 with its groundbreaking approach to yarn production using recycled textile waste. In a remarkable collaboration with Renewcell and Inovafil, Saurer is showcasing their ability to create yarns from 100% textile waste by employing three different spinning technologies.

The heart of Saurer’s participation at ITMA 2023 lies in their cutting-edge concept, rX Recycling Xtreme. Recognizing the urgent need to address the mounting textile waste crisis, Saurer is committed to making a significant contribution to Europe’s ambitious recycling targets. By 2030, the aim is to recycle up to 80% of textiles and dramatically increase fiber-to-fiber recycling from a mere 1% to 18-26%. Marcus Rennekamp, Saurer’s Managing Director, emphasized the pressing nature of this issue, noting that currently only 30-35% of textiles are collected separately.

Saurer’s collaboration with Renewcell, the Swedish company renowned for its innovative Circulose fiber made from recycled textile waste, and Portuguese spinning specialist Inovafil has paved the way for extraordinary advancements in yarn production. Leveraging their expertise in traditional spinning technologies, Saurer has successfully demonstrated the use of rotor, air, and even ring spinning techniques in processing the Circulose fiber.

Rennekamp shed light on the challenges faced by yarn producers when incorporating recycled short-staple fibers. Extreme recycling using ultra-short fibers pushes conventional spinning machines to their limits, resulting in contamination, reduced production speeds, and increased manual intervention. Saurer’s rX Recycling Xtreme concept aims to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring the production of high-quality yarns from recycled materials.

The emergence of innovative fibers derived from textile waste is gaining significant momentum, particularly among Scandinavian companies with a profound understanding of pulp processing techniques and technologies stemming from their rich history in paper production. Renewcell, founded in 2012 by innovators from Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, holds a patent for a unique process that transforms cellulosic-rich textile waste into Circulose viscose yarn. Inovafil has played a pivotal role in processing this revolutionary circular fiber, particularly on Saurer’s latest Autoairo air-spinning machine.

As the textile industry continues to seek sustainable solutions to mitigate its environmental impact, Saurer’s collaboration with Renewcell and Inovafil represents a remarkable leap forward. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and fostering innovative partnerships, Saurer stands at the forefront of revolutionizing yarn production, promoting a circular economy, and driving the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Attendees at ITMA 2023 have a golden opportunity to witness these groundbreaking demonstrations at Saurer’s booth, gaining firsthand insight into the immense potential of recycled textile waste in transforming the textile industry and making a profound contribution to a greener planet.


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