Softbond Nonwovens Delighted with Seamless Installation of A.Celli’s Cutting-Edge Equipment

Softbond Nonwovens, a leading nonwovens producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has expressed immense satisfaction following the successful installation and start-up of cutting-edge equipment provided by A.Celli, a renowned technology solutions provider. The installation includes the state-of-the-art E-Wind Stream master roll winder and the R-Way automatic packaging line, which have significantly surpassed Softbond’s expectations.

The E-Wind Stream master roll winder boasts an impressive design speed of 400 meters per minute, enabling Softbond to optimize its production processes and increase efficiency. This high-performance winder ensures seamless winding of nonwoven materials, facilitating the subsequent manufacturing stages.

Complementing the E-Wind Stream is the R-Way automatic packaging line, which comprises various innovative components. The motorized shuttle trolley on rails facilitates reel transfer from the slitter-rewinder unloading table to the packaging area, ensuring smooth and efficient movement. A V-shaped motorized conveyor belt assists in the systematic sorting of reels, streamlining the packaging process.

One of the standout features of the R-Way packaging line is the up-ender, which automatically rotates rolls from a horizontal to a vertical orientation. This clever functionality allows for efficient storage and transportation of the nonwoven materials, optimizing space utilization within Softbond’s facility.

To complete the packaging process, the R-Way line also features a radial vertical wrapping machine. This advanced machine expertly wraps the rolls, providing them with protection during storage and transport. Softbond can now ensure the safe delivery of their nonwoven products to customers, maintaining their superior quality throughout the supply chain.

Alessio Romanelli, Vice President of Softbond, expressed his satisfaction with the flawless installation and start-up of the winder and packaging line. “The performance and efficiency of these state-of-the-art solutions have exceeded our expectations,” said Romanelli. He also commended A.Celli for their dedication and expertise in developing products that precisely meet Softbond’s specific needs.

Softbond is confident that their partnership with A.Celli will continue to yield positive results, enhancing their operational capabilities and improving the quality of their nonwoven products. The successful implementation of the E-Wind Stream winder and the R-Way packaging line marks a significant milestone for Softbond and reinforces their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the nonwovens industry.

As Softbond Nonwovens continues to grow and expand its market presence, their investment in cutting-edge equipment is a testament to their dedication to delivering excellence to their customers. With the support of A.Celli’s advanced solutions, Softbond is poised to further strengthen its position as a leader in the nonwovens industry, both in Argentina and beyond.


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