Supporting creative identity in Ukraine

Popularity of vyshyvankas – the elaborately embroidered shirts and dresses traditionally worn in the country – has now spread around the world.

As a member of TMAS – the Swedish Textile Machinery Association – ACG Nyström reports solid success in embroidery machine sales with the latest Tajima TMEZ models in Denmark, Norway, Sweden – and perhaps a little surprisingly, also in Ukraine.

The Tajima TMEZ range of single and multi-head embroidery machines is rapidly introducing intelligent thread management (I-TM) to the market, enabling virtually anyone to quickly and easily become an embroidery specialist.

“With I-TM, each individual design is analysed, with automatic detection of the fabric thickness, and exactly the right amount of thread needed is precisely supplied for the job,” explains ACG Nyström sales engineer Richard Carlsson. “This eliminates the need for manual thread tension adjustment, making it much easier for non-skilled operatives to obtain consistent results. The age-old problem of pulling on designs is also a thing of the past with the TMEZ machines, so all the operator needs to master is accurately positioning the fabric through the machine.”

A digitally controlled presser foot for secure fabric stability further reduces fabric fluttering, he adds, and is especially effective when working with very thick or thin fabrics, or folds of material. Fluttering can occur when a material is lifted up during embroidery, causing skipped stitches, mis-trimming and reduced quality stitching.

The TMEZ machines are fully enabled for ease of operation by Tajima DG by Pulse – the strongest embroidery software on the market.

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