Win-win home textiles partnership in Sweden

Investment in the latest automated technologies enables flexibility and rapid turnaround times for Nordic bedding leader.

Continuous investment in the latest automation technologies – involving a long-standing and close cooperation with TMAS member ACG Kinna – has ensured family-owned Värnamo Sängkläder AB has retained its leading position in the production of high-quality bedding against heavy odds.

At the recent Heimtextil exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, from January 9-12, Martin Åhlander – the third generation CEO of Värnamo, which has specialised in high quality Nordic bedding since its foundation in 1951 – explained that his company is now the only producer of pillows, mattress protectors and quilts with manufacturing remaining in Sweden.


“Around fifteen years ago, our competition from Asia got very intense, as companies over there started exporting bedding products of very high quality at much lower prices than we could possibly produce conventionally in such a high-cost country as Sweden,” he said. “Our solution was investment in the latest automated technologies, enabling us to be both flexible and to respond very quickly to the needs of our customers while cutting costs. This has proved to be a winning approach.”

Värnamo first started collaborating with ACG Kinna in the 1980s, initially with the installation of automated overlock stitching units for quilt production, followed by further moves such as bringing in-house polyester ball fibre filling technology into its plant with Nowo filling machines.

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