TrusTrace Launches Traceability Roadmap to Drive Sustainable Transformation in the Fashion Industry

Today, at the prestigious Global Fashion Summit, TrusTrace, a leading technology company, in collaboration with Fashion for Good, unveiled its highly anticipated Traceability Roadmap. This practical and comprehensive guide is set to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing step-by-step instructions on successfully implementing traceability to achieve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, compliance, and business objectives.

The Traceability Roadmap was met with great enthusiasm at its launch, attended by industry leaders, fashion experts, and sustainability advocates from around the globe. The playbook features in-depth interviews and insights from renowned brands that have successfully integrated traceability into their supply chains, catalyzing sustainable transformation. Furthermore, it offers expert opinions on how upcoming regulatory changes are shaping the necessity for traceability and explores avenues for industry standardization and collaboration.

Shameek Ghosh, CEO and co-founder of TrusTrace, emphasized the growing importance of supply chain traceability in achieving sustainability objectives. Ghosh stated, “In just a few short years, supply chain traceability has become recognized as the central tenet of sustainable transformation. Brands that aim to communicate product information to consumers, meet certification criteria, comply with existing and forthcoming regulations, and steer clear of greenwashing must trace their complex network of suppliers and manufacturers.”

While the significance of traceability is widely acknowledged, the implementation process remains a significant challenge for many industry players. TrusTrace’s Traceability Roadmap aims to bridge this gap by offering practical guidance on how to effectively implement traceability measures. By doing so, brands can not only enhance transparency within their supply chains but also build trust with consumers, regulators, and stakeholders.

With sustainability becoming an integral aspect of the fashion industry’s DNA, the Traceability Roadmap is a groundbreaking resource that equips brands with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of traceability successfully. It outlines key strategies for incorporating traceability systems, leveraging emerging technologies, and collaborating with partners to achieve tangible results.

The launch of the Traceability Roadmap marks a significant milestone for TrusTrace, solidifying their position as a leader in the traceability space. By empowering brands to implement comprehensive traceability solutions, TrusTrace is driving the industry towards a more sustainable and accountable future.

As the fashion industry continues its sustainability journey, the Traceability Roadmap promises to be an invaluable resource for brands seeking to transform their supply chains, uphold ethical standards, and contribute positively to the environment and society. Through its holistic approach and actionable insights, TrusTrace is paving the way for a more transparent and responsible fashion industry.

About TrusTrace: TrusTrace is a technology company specializing in supply chain traceability solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, including blockchain and AI, TrusTrace enables brands to achieve transparency, sustainability, and accountability across their supply chains. TrusTrace’s innovative solutions empower brands to trace and validate every stage of their product’s journey, fostering trust and driving positive change in the fashion industry.


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