Trützschler Revolutionizes Recycling with TRUECYCLED: A Sustainable Spin on Textile Waste

In a bold stride towards sustainability, Trützschler, a global leader in textile machinery, is set to unveil its groundbreaking TRUECYCLED initiative in June 2023. This innovative offering promises to reshape the landscape of recycling by providing manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for transforming hard textile waste into high-quality yarn, marking a significant leap towards a circular economy.

“We are excited to offer our customers globally a complete package for recycling from June 2023 onwards,” announced Markus Wurster, the visionary mind behind TRUECYCLED. “Our comprehensive approach includes a tearing line, blow room, card, draw frame, card clothing, and, of course, our unparalleled service and technological know-how.”

TRUECYCLED isn’t just a mere concept; it’s a promise turned reality. Trützschler’s state-of-the-art preparation processes form the cornerstone of this initiative, empowering manufacturers to breathe new life into discarded textiles. Through a meticulous blend of cutting-edge technology and a systematic manufacturing process, TRUECYCLED ensures that hard waste gets a second chance at becoming premium-quality yarn.

At the heart of the TRUECYCLED process lies Trützschler’s technological recommendations and a carefully curated machinery line-up. Recent success stories abound, such as a collaboration with a forward-thinking fashion company. By synergizing Trützschler’s blow room machinery, TC 19i for Recycling, and draw frames, an extraordinary feat was achieved – a ring yarn composed of an impressive 60% pre-consumer waste. This remarkable accomplishment not only demonstrates the potential of TRUECYCLED but also the sheer commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable textile production.

Trützschler proudly extends the TRUECYCLED brand to both the recycling process itself and the end-product. As long as the final output encompasses a substantial amount of textile waste, partners and customers are encouraged to label it as a TRUECYCLED product, reinforcing their dedication to ethical and eco-conscious practices.

In a world grappling with the consequences of fast fashion and mounting environmental concerns, TRUECYCLED serves as a beacon of hope and innovation. Trützschler’s holistic approach is poised to catalyze a positive shift in the industry, proving that sustainability and quality need not be at odds. As the textile world eagerly anticipates the official launch of TRUECYCLED this June, it’s clear that the future of recycling has arrived, and it’s spun from the threads of possibility.


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