Uster Unveils Revolutionary Fabric Inspection Assistant at ITMA 2023

Uster Technologies AG, a leading provider of textile quality solutions, has launched its groundbreaking product, the Uster Fabriq Assistant, at the prestigious ITMA 2023 event. This cutting-edge fabric inspection assistant is set to revolutionize the industry by automating the processing, analysis, and visualization of quality data from Uster fabric inspection systems.

The Uster Fabriq Assistant serves as a central platform, eliminating the need for manual data processing and significantly expediting decision-making processes. Fabric manufacturers can now streamline their operations by automatically releasing products for delivery based on their specific business rules, without the need for human intervention. This breakthrough innovation not only eliminates bottlenecks but also enhances overall productivity within the textile manufacturing sector.

As a web-based tool, the Fabriq Assistant provides individual user accounts and customized dashboards, ensuring a personalized experience for fabric producers. It offers a comprehensive summary of quality performance derived from all fabric rolls ever inspected within a mill. This invaluable information can be easily shared among users and is presented in various statistical analysis tools, including charts, histograms, and evolution trends.

The central data platform of the Fabriq Assistant encompasses automated data collection, visualization, and analysis, as well as robust data processing and reporting functions. It functions as an expert assistant, providing relevant quality data during and after inspections. If users require information on a specific roll, they can access the review dashboard with just a few clicks. Here, all the pertinent details for that individual roll are readily available, including defect images, defect maps, roll statistics, and more.

By eliminating the arduous tasks of manual data preparation and analysis, the Fabriq Assistant alleviates the workload for fabric manufacturers while ensuring maximum decision-making accuracy. This is made possible through the integration of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which powers the automated features of the application. Users can now rely on their virtual everyday assistant to enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy throughout their operations.

An added benefit of the Fabriq Assistant is increased process accuracy and security. By providing consistent quality decisions for grading quality levels, post-processing, and delivery release, fabric manufacturers can avoid costly claims and ensure optimal product quality. The system’s state-of-the-art hardware generates reliable data, forming a solid foundation for informed decisions.

Uster Fabric Inspection systems, seamlessly integrated into production lines with speeds of up to 1,000 m/min, deliver automatic real-time quality inspection. Combined with the Fabriq Assistant, fabric manufacturers can achieve consistent and efficient defect detection, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

With the introduction of the Uster Fabriq Assistant, Uster Technologies AG continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the textile industry. Fabric manufacturers can now unlock new levels of operational excellence, focusing on their core tasks while leveraging the power of technology to drive their success. The future of fabric inspection has arrived, and Uster is leading the way.



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