Inditex and Jeanologia Introduce Air Fiber Washer to Combat Microfiber Pollution

In a groundbreaking collaboration, global fashion giant Inditex and denim finishing technology leader Jeanologia have unveiled their latest innovation, the Air Fiber Washer. This pioneering industrial air system is designed to tackle the pressing issue of microfiber pollution by extracting these tiny particles during garment fabrication, significantly reducing shedding in subsequent domestic washes.

Microfibers, which are minuscule particles measuring less than 15 millimeters, pose a significant challenge for the textile industry due to the limitations of current water treatment capacities. These fibers are frequently shed from textiles, particularly during the initial washing process, and find their way into rivers, lakes, and oceans, contributing to environmental pollution.

The Air Fiber Washer, set to make its debut at the prestigious ITMA international textile technology fair in Milan from June 8 to 14, promises to revolutionize textile manufacturing. By employing an innovative industrial pretreatment technique, this system effectively eliminates microfibers from garments, thereby minimizing their release during washing.

What sets the Air Fiber Washer apart is its ability to achieve a remarkable 60% reduction in microfiber shedding without the need for water or thermal energy. This groundbreaking technology utilizes dynamic air flow to extract microfibers from textiles while preserving fabric quality. The extracted fibers are then collected in a specially designed containment bag, creating the potential for recycling and bringing the industry one step closer to achieving a circular economy with zero waste.

Depending on the fabric type, loading, and movement conditions, each Air Fiber Washer has the capacity to collect up to 325 kg of microfibers annually. This impressive figure highlights the significant positive impact that the technology can have on reducing microfiber pollution and advancing sustainable practices within the textile industry.

The collaboration between Inditex and Jeanologia underscores the importance of collective efforts in addressing environmental challenges. By combining their expertise, these industry leaders have succeeded in developing an innovative solution that addresses a pressing issue plaguing the textile sector. The Air Fiber Washer not only represents a major step forward in reducing microfiber pollution but also demonstrates the industry’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

As the Air Fiber Washer is unveiled at ITMA, it is expected to generate significant interest and excitement among textile manufacturers, environmental advocates, and sustainability enthusiasts. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to reshape the industry’s approach to garment production and washing, ensuring a cleaner and greener future for fashion.

With the introduction of the Air Fiber Washer, Inditex and Jeanologia have set a new standard for the textile industry. By harnessing the power of air, they are revolutionizing garment fabrication and paving the way for a more sustainable and circular fashion ecosystem. The Air Fiber Washer is poised to become an essential tool in the industry’s ongoing journey towards minimizing environmental impact and embracing innovative solutions for a greener planet.


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