VeriVide Unveils Breakthrough LED Light Booths at ITMA 2023, Revolutionizing Colour Assessment in the Textile Industry

VeriVide, a leading provider of lighting solutions for the textile industry, celebrated a resounding success at the prestigious ITMA 2023 exhibition held in Milan from June 8 to June 14. The event witnessed an overwhelmingly positive response to VeriVide’s latest innovations, including the all-LED UltraView and VisionView light booths, as well as the revolutionary concept of Twinned Colour Technologies, combining VisionView and the established DigiEye system.

VeriVide’s cutting-edge light booths and lighting cabinets are meticulously specified by major global retailers worldwide, serving as the industry standard for establishing and maintaining visual quality throughout the textile supply chain. The complexity of the textile industry, with its numerous process stages from design to retail, presents a formidable challenge in maintaining consistent visual standards. VeriVide’s advancements aim to simplify and optimize this process.

The introduction of UltraView and VisionView brings a range of sustainable benefits to designers, mills, and brands, contributing to improved bottom lines and significant reductions in time, costs, and CO2 emissions. These innovative light booths comply with all relevant international lighting and colour assessment standards. Equipped with VeriVide’s A-rated CIE D65 and CIE D50 artificial daylight light sources, they also feature multiple pre-set point-of-sale light sources, while offering complete tunability for recalibration to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

One of the most significant advancements brought about by UltraView and VisionView is the elimination of the need for multiple dedicated light booths. Previously, individual light booths had to be tailored to each customer’s specific settings, resulting in increased costs and operational complexities. VeriVide’s new technology offers unparalleled flexibility, rendering the need for multiple booths obsolete.

“We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response to our new LED light booths and the concept of Twinned Colour Technologies,” said Russell Thorpe, VeriVide’s Chief Executive Officer. “UltraView and VisionView empower our customers to achieve exceptional color accuracy, streamline their operations, and reduce their environmental impact. It’s a game-changer for the textile industry.”

VeriVide’s presence at ITMA 2023 was marked by an exceptional team comprising Shauna Tew, Paul Dakin, Stephen Tongue, Russell Thorpe, Adam Dakin, and Carla Goulding. The team showcased the company’s latest advancements and engaged with industry professionals, garnering significant interest and positive feedback.

As VeriVide continues to revolutionize the textile industry with their groundbreaking technologies, they are set to further strengthen their position as the preferred choice for global retailers seeking to establish and maintain visual quality standards across their supply chains. With UltraView and VisionView paving the way for a new era in color assessment, VeriVide is reshaping the industry landscape and propelling it towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

About VeriVide: VeriVide is a leading provider of lighting solutions and color assessment equipment for the textile industry. With their cutting-edge technologies, VeriVide enables customers to achieve consistent visual quality standards and optimize their operations while reducing environmental impact.


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