17th World of Wipes Conference Sets New Records with Sustainable Innovations and Unprecedented Turnout

The 17th edition of the World of Wipes (WOW) International Conference, organized by INDA, the association of the nonwoven fabrics industry, concluded successfully with a remarkable turnout of over 495 senior-level leaders. The three-day event held from July 17-20 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia, showcased cutting-edge exhibits, insightful presentations, and Lightning Talks covering a wide array of topics, including sustainability, supply chain challenges, wipes advancements, and more.

Record-Breaking Participation: The WOW Conference broke all previous attendance records, attracting over 495 top-level industry leaders from around the globe. This overwhelming participation reflected the growing interest and importance of the wipes industry in today’s global marketplace.

Innovative Exhibits and Engaging Presentations: With nearly 60 tabletop exhibits and 26 thought-provoking presentations, the conference provided a platform for companies to demonstrate their latest innovations, products, and ideas. One of the highlights was the introduction of Lightning Talks, offering “supersized elevator speeches,” which enthralled the audience with exciting trends and groundbreaking concepts.

Addressing Key Issues: The speakers at WOW shared their expert insights on a range of crucial topics, including Inflation, Supply Chain Issues, Capacity/Demand Balance, Plastic Policy, Sustainability, Wipes Advancements, and more. These discussions provided actionable intelligence to assist industry leaders in strategic planning for the future.

World of Wipes Innovation Award: The WOW Conference recognized remarkable contributions in the industry, and this year’s prestigious World of Wipes Innovation Award was presented to Indorama Ventures and Polymateria. Their revolutionary Nonwoven Wipe Using Biotransformation Technology, made from 100% polypropylene spunlace, demonstrated a significant leap towards eco-friendly, sustainable nonwoven hygiene products. This innovative wipe can be mechanically recycled or, in the event it escapes into the environment, will biodegrade into a harmless, bioavailable wax, leaving no microplastics or toxins behind.

WIPES Academy: Preparing for a Sustainable Future: Prior to the WOW Conference, the updated 1.5-day WIPES Academy was held, led by industry experts Heidi Beatty, CEO of Crown Abbey, LLC, and Paul Davies, Ph.D., Consultant at Crown Abbey, LLC. Participants were equipped with knowledge on wet wipes construction and ingredients, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and responsible product development.

Looking Ahead to WOW 2024: Excitement is already building for next year’s WOW Conference. INDA has announced that WOW 2024 will take place from June 17-20 at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Industry professionals are eager to continue the tradition of fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation within the wipes industry.

Tony Fragnito, President of INDA, expressed his satisfaction with this year’s event, stating, “WOW has once again proven to be a hub of creativity, sustainability, and transformative ideas. We are thrilled with the exceptional turnout and the forward-thinking solutions presented by our industry leaders. Together, we are shaping a greener and more responsible future for nonwoven hygiene products.”

As the wipes industry continues to make strides towards sustainable practices and cutting-edge innovations, the WOW Conference remains a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and accelerating the positive impact of the industry on a global scale.


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