Brooks Running Implements Cutting-Edge TrusTrace Platform to Enhance Supply Chain Visibility and Responsible Sourcing

In a bold move to revolutionize its manufacturing supply chain, global performance footwear and apparel leader, Brooks Running, has partnered with the innovative TrusTrace platform. This strategic alliance seeks to deepen visibility across the company’s supply chain and bolster responsible sourcing practices while identifying and mitigating potential business continuity risks.

The decision to adopt TrusTrace comes as a testament to Brooks Running’s unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in its operations. Dave Kemp, the Director of Corporate Responsibility at Brooks, emphasized the significance of transparent sourcing standards upheld by their Supplier Code of Conduct. Kemp stated, “Visibility into the factories that manufacture Brooks products, materials, and raw materials is critical to ensure the responsible sourcing standards outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct are upheld.”

The magnitude of Brooks Running’s manufacturing supply chain presented challenges in maintaining visibility, given its expansive and intricate nature. However, TrusTrace’s cutting-edge platform has provided an ideal solution for Brooks to efficiently manage and monitor their suppliers. With TrusTrace’s capabilities, Brooks Running has already achieved an impressive milestone, with 100% of Tier 1 factories successfully integrated into the platform by the end of 2022. Moreover, over 130 Tier 2 and more than 70 Tier 3 factories have been invited to join the platform, signifying a significant step towards comprehensive supply chain transparency.

TrusTrace is designed to provide real-time, verified data as materials and finished goods traverse the supply chain. The platform’s open architecture has facilitated seamless integration with various stakeholders, including retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, certification agencies, and sustainability solution providers. This integration not only streamlines operations but also enhances due diligence for customs compliance.

As the partnership unfolds, Brooks Running envisions leveraging the full potential of TrusTrace to trace products down to the individual level. By doing so, they intend to provide consumers with unprecedented transparency into the sourcing and manufacturing of their favorite products. This progressive step is expected to empower consumers, enabling them to make informed and conscious choices while supporting brands that align with their ethical values.

The decision to adopt TrusTrace aligns with Brooks Running’s vision of a sustainable future for the fashion industry. As the company solidifies its position as a leader in responsible sourcing, it sets an inspiring example for other players in the market. With brands like Brooks Running embracing technological innovations like TrusTrace, the fashion industry is moving towards a more transparent, sustainable, and accountable future, bringing about positive change for people and the planet.



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