2023 UCI Cycling World Championships Embrace Eco-Design with Innovative Bibs Recycling Project

In a groundbreaking initiative for eco-conscious sportswear, the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, set to take place in Scotland from August 3 to 13, will showcase a revolutionary supply chain for their official bibs. Cyclewear specialist Santini, in collaboration with local companies Acerbis, EFI Reggiani, RadiciGroup, and Sitip, has crafted a fully sustainable and recyclable bib solution, emphasizing Bergamo, Italy’s eco-friendly manufacturing prowess.

The heart of this eco-design project lies in the innovative use of RadiciGroup’s nylon as a key component in the bibs. This versatile, infinitely recyclable thermoplastic material allows for easy printing, ensuring the bibs’ unique graphics capture the essence of the prestigious championships.

Sitip, a leader in fabric development, ingeniously transformed RadiciGroup’s nylon yarns into a lightweight 95gsm warp-knitted fabric, perfectly suited for EFI Reggiani’s state-of-the-art transfer printing. Extensive testing led to the selection of GOTS-certified Iris Plus water-based inks, ensuring the bibs not only display vibrant colors but also resist rubbing and perspiration during the intense cycling competitions.

EFI Reggiani’s forward-thinking approach didn’t stop there. They opted for a waterless printing solution, reducing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. This printing process utilizes a minimal amount of energy per square meter, reflecting a commendable commitment to sustainability.

Santini, the event partner, masterfully handled the transfer of the intricate graphics onto the fabric, utilizing nylon and similar materials for threads and components. This clever design ensures that the bibs can be effortlessly recycled at the end of their life cycle without any additional processing.

But the innovation doesn’t end there. After the exhilarating 11-day championships, the used bibs will undergo a transformative journey. The bibs collected from the event will be ingeniously upcycled into X-Elite protective handguards. Acerbis, known for its excellence in protective gear, will attach these sustainable handguards to mountain bike handlebars, creating an eco-friendly solution that champions both performance and environmental responsibility.

RadiciGroup has diligently verified the technical feasibility of recycling these bibs at their specialized plants dedicated to regranulating recovered materials. This assures the successful integration of these eco-friendly materials back into the manufacturing process, closing the loop on a truly sustainable endeavor.

As the world gathers to witness the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, Glasgow and the entire cycling community celebrate a landmark moment in sports eco-design. With this remarkable collaboration, the Bergamo region has set a new standard for responsible manufacturing in the sporting world, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship in the realm of cycling and beyond.


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