Toray Advanced Composites Expands Global Production Capacities to Meet Growing Demand

Toray Advanced Composites, a world-renowned leader in high-performance materials, is set to embark on a groundbreaking expansion at its Morgan Hill facility in California. The company’s latest move comes in response to the unprecedented surge in market demand for thermoset composites and Cetex thermoplastics.

The grand expansion will encompass a colossal 6,800-square-meter area, facilitating enhanced production capabilities and an increase in laboratory facilities. The strategic decision follows the announcement made earlier this month by the Tokyo-headquartered Toray Industries, unveiling their plans to boost regular tow carbon fiber production at the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant of Toray Composite Materials America and the Gumi plant of Toray Advanced Materials Korea in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea.

The combined efforts will result in Toray Group’s annual capacity soaring by an impressive 20%, reaching a monumental 35,000 metric tons by 2025. This remarkable development positions Toray Advanced Composites as a driving force in providing cutting-edge solutions for various industries.

Scott Unger, the US Managing Director and Global Chief Technology Officer of Toray, expressed his excitement about the expansion. “This addition to our Toray facilities in Morgan Hill, in concert with expansion at other announced carbon fiber and advanced composite business units around the globe, will dramatically increase capacity for applications in aerospace, urban air mobility, defense, commercial, and industrial markets.”

The newfound capacity will undoubtedly catalyze innovation in industries such as aerospace, where lightweight and robust materials are crucial for achieving unparalleled performance. Urban air mobility will also benefit from Toray’s advancements, with materials contributing to the creation of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

Furthermore, defense applications will experience a much-needed boost, ensuring that cutting-edge technologies are accessible to safeguard and protect nations. The commercial and industrial sectors will likewise witness transformative changes, as Toray’s advanced composites continue to be instrumental in revolutionizing manufacturing and production processes.

Toray Advanced Composites’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility through the development of groundbreaking materials positions them at the forefront of a dynamic global market. With their state-of-the-art expansions across multiple continents, the company demonstrates its dedication to meeting the ever-growing demand for innovative composites.

As the world moves towards an era of rapid technological advancements and sustainability-driven solutions, Toray Advanced Composites remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, propelling industries towards a brighter and more efficient future.


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