Spinnova and Suzano Open First Commercial-Scale Facility for Sustainable Wood-Based Textile Fibres

In a groundbreaking partnership, Finnish company Spinnova and global pulp producer Suzano have successfully inaugurated their first commercial-scale facility, marking a significant stride towards sustainable textile production. The facility, operated by Woodspin, aims to revolutionize the textile industry by manufacturing 1,000 tons of fully biodegradable and recyclable wood-based Spinnova fibres annually.

Woodspin’s cutting-edge facility, serving as Suzano’s first industrial operation outside Brazil, has already set its sights on further expansion, with plans to establish a second site. The ultimate objective is to achieve an impressive annual production capacity of one million tons of Spinnova fibre by 2033.

What sets the Woodspin plant apart is its ability to produce textile fibres with zero emissions, underscoring its comprehensive approach to circularity and sustainability. Remarkably, the facility generates only heat as a by-product, eliminating the need for an environmental permit to operate. Moreover, any excess heat generated is efficiently recycled into the local district heating system, resulting in estimated savings of 2.4kg CO2e per kg of fibre produced that would otherwise be required for district heat generation. Consequently, Woodspin’s large-scale facility not only eliminates more emissions than it creates but also contributes to fulfilling the energy needs of the local community.

Christian Orglmeister, the executive director of new business at Suzano, emphasizes the profound environmental benefits of this remarkable partnership, stating, “At Woodspin, we are bringing Spinnova’s innovative biodegradable textile fibre to the market, made using Suzano’s abundant supply of responsibly-sourced eucalyptus pulp. This has a radically lower environmental impact than alternative fibres such as cotton, offering one of the few genuinely scalable solutions to support sustainable production. We’re excited to ramp up production and create positive change.”

Spinnova’s Chief Technology Officer, Juha Salmela, highlights the revolutionary aspects of their fibre production process, saying, “Spinnova’s patented fibre production process doesn’t require any harmful chemicals or dissolving, nor does it generate waste or microplastics. It has a 74% smaller life cycle carbon footprint and uses 99.5% less water compared to conventional cotton production. The result is a natural, cotton-like textile fibre that meets the rigorous environmental and performance demands of brands and consumers alike – and, through facilities such as this one, can now be produced at scale.”

The collaboration between Spinnova and Suzano represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable textile manufacturing. By leveraging their innovative wood-based fibres, these companies are providing a genuinely scalable solution to address the environmental impact of the industry. Through their commitment to cutting-edge technology, responsible sourcing, and circularity, they are paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the realm of textiles.

As Woodspin’s commercial-scale facility begins production, the world eagerly anticipates the positive transformation it will bring to the textile industry, offering an eco-conscious alternative to conventional materials and fostering a more sustainable future.


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