Mimaki Europe Unveils Tiger600-1800TS, its Revolutionary Sublimation Transfer Printer at ITMA 2023

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of printing and cutting solutions, has launched its highly anticipated Tiger600-1800TS sublimation transfer printer at the prestigious ITMA 2023 event in Milan. This cutting-edge printer marks a significant milestone in the analog to digital transformation within the textile printing industry, offering unrivaled productivity, compact design, and exceptional image quality.

The Tiger600-1800TS sets new industry standards by achieving a maximum printing speed of 550 square meters per hour, surpassing its predecessor by a staggering 143%. This remarkable speed boost is made possible by an innovative high-speed printhead, demonstrating Mimaki’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital printing technology. The printer also incorporates Mimaki’s proprietary image quality enhancement technologies, ensuring vivid and stunning results on every print.

One of the standout features of the Tiger600-1800TS is its compact size, which has been reduced by 50% compared to the previous model. This smaller footprint allows for easy installation of multiple units, enabling textile printing businesses to meet fluctuating demands and significantly increase their overall production capacity. By locating the paper mounting and winding system at the back of the machine, Mimaki has optimized the printer’s space utilization, providing a practical solution for space-constrained environments.

Arjen Evertse, the General Manager of Sales at Mimaki Europe, commented on the latest developments, stating, “All of these latest advancements ideally position the Tiger600-1800TS to compete with analog textile operations and support the shift to digital print production. Digital printing offers numerous benefits compared to traditional analog methods, including cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, reduced environmental impact, and the ability to produce smaller quantities tailored to specific demands.”

The Tiger600-1800TS further streamlines workflow efficiency with its uninterrupted printing capability. Ink tanks can be easily replaced during operation, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous productivity. Additionally, maintenance is simplified with the printer’s roller paper feeding method, eliminating the need for adhesives on a belt and reducing overall maintenance requirements.

As the textile industry embraces digitalization, the Tiger600-1800TS is poised to revolutionize the market. Its high-speed performance, compact design, and exceptional image quality make it an invaluable tool for textile printing businesses seeking to enhance their competitiveness, meet diverse customer demands, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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