Creative Ticking offers new cooling experience

According to Scott Frisch, vice president of business development at Creative Ticking, “Our new cooling products, Kyla and Kyla+, offer the industry two new options for creating the ultimate sleep experience.” “Kyla and Kyla+ are a part of Creative Ticking’s ongoing commitment to bring new innovation to the mattress industry.”

Based on the desired cooling level, Kyla treatments can be performed at several levels and were developed utilising Phase Change Materials (PCM). These PCM cooling treatments can be given to the entire fabric or only the face, depending on where they are most needed. They are applied during finishing. Kyla changes phases when heat is reflected away from the body and cools the skin to maintain the ideal temperature zone by using the evaporative cooling method. sleep, according to the manufacturer.

“Kyla+ is a cooling technology that is yarn based. Using a yarn that is specifically designed to draw heat away from the body results in an exceptionally cool feel,” the company explains. “This specially developed yarn is durable enough to withstand repeated washing without losing any cooling effects.”

Creative Ticking/Creative Fabric Services is a division of Beverly Knits, located in Gastonia, NC. Beverly Knits currently operates with 210,000 square feet of space and more than 200 knitting machines. One hundred and ninety-five associates produce more than 22 million meters of fabric annually. In addition to mattress ticking, the company also produces fabrics for the automotive industry, apparel markets, industrial markets and medical markets.





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