Energy Celliant Mattress Launched in Turkey: A Game-Changer for Athletes and Sleep Enthusiasts

In a groundbreaking collaboration, İsbir Bedding and Hologenix have unveiled the future of sleep technology with their latest innovation: the Energy Celliant mattress. This remarkable mattress fuses İsbir’s cutting-edge sleep expertise with Hologenix’s revolutionary Celliant infrared technology, renowned for harnessing body heat and transforming it into invigorating infrared energy. The result? A quantum leap in sleep quality and post-activity recovery.

Perfectly tailored for athletes and individuals striving for optimal rest, the Energy Celliant mattress is set to redefine the sleep experience in Turkey and beyond. The strategic partnership between İsbir and Hologenix has paved the way for the first-ever pure white Celliant mattress to grace Turkish homes, seamlessly merging İsbir’s top-tier sleep technology with the exceptional benefits of Celliant.

Celliant, a natural blend of bioceramic minerals, is ingeniously integrated into the mattress’s fabric, ushering in a new era of restorative sleep. The technology converts body heat into rejuvenating infrared energy, enhancing both sleep quality and recovery from physical exertion. The synergistic alliance between İsbir and Hologenix was further solidified by the endorsement of major sportswear giants like Under Armour and Tecnica, and Isbir’s prominent role as a sponsor for national volleyball and football teams.

Hamdi Unal Akmese, the Chief Operating Officer of İsbir Bedding, stated, “Our conviction remains steadfast: mattresses are fundamentally health products, and the impact of selecting the right mattress extends far beyond sleep. We are thrilled about our collaboration with Hologenix, integrating Celliant’s health and wellness advantages into our product line, catering to athletes and those with an athletic mindset.”

The Energy Celliant mattress boasts an invigorating design, featuring a Celliant-infused cover, an advanced ViscoStar Aeromax Comfort Layer that conforms to the body, and a V2 Active Zone Pocket Spring Support Layer with specially engineered 7-zone pocket springs. This innovation is suited for all sleep positions and caters to users who prefer a medium to firm mattress. Available in an array of sizes for both junior and adult athletes, the Energy Celliant mattress is primed to invigorate mornings and elevate performance.

Beyond the realm of a conventional mattress, the Energy Celliant mattress ushers in a new era of recovery. Its infrared technology and comfort layers facilitate post-sports or intense activity rejuvenation, offering unparalleled comfort for any temperature. The Celliant fabric’s thermoregulation properties create a cocoon of comfort, while the reflective Celliant minerals channel lost body heat into revitalizing infrared energy, ensuring a refreshed awakening. From a revitalizing slumber to accelerated recovery and amplified athletic prowess, İsbir’s customers can confidently expect the epitome of mattress excellence.

Seth Casden, the visionary CEO of Hologenix, exclaims, “With Turkey’s prominence in the global textile arena and our commitment to worldwide expansion, we are thrilled to collaborate with one of Turkey’s premier sleep solution providers. Together, we are poised to redefine sleep for the sports-driven populace.”

Prepare to revolutionize your sleep experience with the Energy Celliant mattress – a transcendent fusion of sleep science and technology, propelling athletes and enthusiasts alike towards unmatched vitality and performance.



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