Itema Group Unveils Revolutionary EVO Weaving Machines at ITMA 2023, Setting New Industry Standards

Itema Group, a global leader in advanced weaving solutions, is set to revolutionize the textile industry with the grand unveiling of its groundbreaking EVO weaving machines at ITMA 2023, the world’s most prestigious textile and garment technology exhibition. With a showcase of 12 cutting-edge machines, Itema is poised to redefine the future of textile production.

Visitors to ITMA 2023, held in Milan, will have the exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the remarkable advancements and capabilities of Itema’s state-of-the-art technology. Itema’s stand, B105 in Hall 5, will house seven of the EVO weaving machines, while the remaining machines will be displayed at partner stands across the exhibition. This collaborative approach underscores Itema’s commitment to highlighting the versatility and diversity of fabric styles achievable with the EVO weaving range through strategic partnerships with esteemed industry players.

Collaborating with Itema at ITMA 2023 are renowned textile powerhouses such as Drago Lanificio, Finsa Textil, Frau PĂ©rez Textiles, ISKO, Mantero Seta, and Tessitura Marinoni. Together, Itema and its partners will showcase the exceptional production capabilities of the EVO weaving machines across various fabric styles, ranging from luxurious silk creations to high-performance technical textiles. These collaborations aim to emphasize the adaptability and reliability of Itema’s technology in meeting diverse market demands.

At the core of the EVO weaving range lies a multitude of innovative features and improvements designed to elevate efficiency, sustainability, and performance. The machines boast advanced solutions for weft transfer, ensuring precise and reliable fabric production. Notably, the expanded iSAVER system integrated into the EVO weaving machines enhances energy savings and eco-efficiency, aligning perfectly with the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability. Moreover, optimized key components have been incorporated to enhance performance and accessibility, facilitating smoother operation and maintenance.

To enhance user experience and provide valuable mill monitoring capabilities, Itema introduces the new iKNOWdigital software and MyWeave system. These cutting-edge digital solutions offer real-time insights into machine performance, predictive maintenance capabilities, and streamlined production processes. With these software advancements, Itema aims to empower weavers with greater control, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

In addition to the EVO weaving machines, visitors to Itema’s stand will also have the opportunity to explore advanced accessories and spare parts for weaving machinery from Itema Group’s subsidiary companies, Lamiflex and Schoch. These components play a vital role in ensuring optimal machine performance and longevity, further solidifying Itema’s commitment to providing comprehensive weaving solutions.

Furthermore, the renowned nylon and polyester yarn ranges from RadiciGroup will be showcased at the Itema stand. The inclusion of RadiciGroup’s products underscores Itema’s dedication to offering customers an extensive array of quality materials and textile solutions, cementing its position as a trusted partner in the industry.


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