KARAM, a Leading Global PPE and Fall Protection Manufacturer Completes 25 Glorious Years

KARAM, a leading global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), recently completed its 25 years in the industry, highlighting its impressive growth and success. Boasting over two decades of experience in crafting best in class occupational safety solutions, KARAM has developed a global footprint in the safety sector.

Since its humble beginnings in the year 1998, KARAM has transformed into a global leader in fall protection and PPE manufacturing with a diverse range of over 3500 certified products and advanced manufacturing units located across India, achieving remarkable milestones along the way. Being the first Indian company to obtain CE and ISO certifications for fall protection equipment in India, KARAM’s commitment to safety and innovation is evident. The company’s core philosophy of staying ahead of the curve and embracing cutting-edge technology has enabled it to establish itself as a leading industry player.

With expansion into new regions, including the Middle East and France and strategic partnerships with renowned brands like Black+Decker, KARAM has solidified its position as one of the global industry leaders. The recent establishment of a manufacturing unit in Sandila showcases their commitment to enhancing manufacturing capabilities, while their foray into healthcare safety products demonstrates their dedication to extending safety beyond industrial boundaries. With multiple manufacturing units, product launches and branch offices across India and international sales offices in Australia, South Africa and South America, KARAM continues to drive forward, leaving an indelible mark in the industry.

“This is a monumental milestone for us. We set out to transform the fall protection industry and we are pleased to have made significant strides in this regard. Innovation is an integral aspect of KARAM’s culture and we are excited about the next 25 years of limitless growth and expansion,” shared Mr. Hemant Sapra, President Sales & Marketing, KARAM Group.

With its expanding global presence, KARAM’s dedicated and talented workforce has played a pivotal role in the company’s exponential growth. Starting with a team of just 11 individuals, the company has expanded to employ over 4000 highly skilled professionals. It is this dedicated and talented workforce that not only drives KARAM’s success but also propels its position as a prominent industry leader.

As a growing company, we remain committed to strategically hiring talented individuals who share our vision and values. We recognize the importance of investing in our employees’ professional development and providing them with ample opportunities to grow within the organization.

To empower our workforce further, we have implemented a comprehensive training calendar that spans an entire year. This initiative aims to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge and foster greater job satisfaction. By nurturing the growth and development of our employees, we are confident in contributing to the overall success and prosperity of the company.

With a portfolio of offerings catering to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, KARAM’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and safety has earned it a reputation for delivering exceptional products and services. As the company looks to the future, it remains focused on meeting the evolving needs of its customers and further expanding its global reach.

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