Revolutionizing Diaper Production: Andritz’s State-of-the-Art Converting Line Propels Sustainable Baby Care to New Heights

In a remarkable leap towards eco-friendly diaper manufacturing, the renowned international technology group, Andritz, has accomplished a triumph of innovation by installing and commissioning a cutting-edge converting line at Naturopera’s groundbreaking new facility in Bully Les Mines, France. With the introduction of the extraordinary eXcelle converting line from Andritz Diatec, a new era of sustainable baby care products is upon us, firmly establishing Naturopera as a trailblazer in the realm of responsible diaper production.

While the majority of diapers available on the market currently comprise approximately 70 percent fossil-based plastic, Naturopera has embarked on an audacious journey to redefine the norms. Through a fruitful collaboration with Andritz, they have pioneered a groundbreaking concept: diapers crafted from an astounding 90 percent bio-based raw materials. By replacing the conventional spunbond and meltblown nonwoven layers with spunlace nonwovens derived primarily from natural fibers, they have successfully crafted a prototype of the remarkable 90 percent bio-based diaper at their cutting-edge Bully Les Mines facility, as proclaimed in a recent press release.

“Coupled with the support of Andritz Perfojet for the spunlace fabrics and Andritz Diatec for converting, we are forging ahead towards the production of bio-based diapers. The advent of green premium diapers, borne out of our joint ingenuity, is imminent. This endeavor will play a pivotal role in nurturing sustainability within the diaper manufacturing industry,” exclaimed Claire Stévignon, the visionary babycare marketing manager at Naturopera.

The operational Andritz converting machine at Naturopera now stands as a testament to exceptional flexibility, demanding only minor adjustments to seamlessly transition to the production of bio-based diapers. Designed to accommodate a multi-size process, the machine features a user-friendly interface and guarantees an awe-inspiring production speed of 800 ppm (pieces per minute).

Naturopera, a renowned French company specializing in the production of baby care and femcare products, is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives within the industry. With their pioneering approach, they aim to make a significant dent in the environmental impact of diaper production. By markedly increasing the utilization of bio-based raw materials in their diapers, Naturopera seeks to minimize dependence on fossil-based plastics, notorious contributors to pollution and climate change.

The harmonious collaboration between Naturopera and Andritz, a globally acclaimed technology group, magnifies the potential for innovation and environmental responsibility in the hygiene industry. Both companies share a common vision of propelling sustainable practices forward and are unwavering in their commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional manufacturing processes.

The triumphant installation of the eXcelle converting line at Naturopera’s state-of-the-art facility represents a momentous milestone on the path to sustainable diaper production. Armed with cutting-edge technology, this converting line not only facilitates the manufacturing of traditional baby diapers but also enables the seamless production of bio-based diapers. This accomplishment not only positions Naturopera as a vanguard in eco-friendly baby care products but also reinforces Andritz’s standing as a premier provider of advanced solutions in the hygiene industry.

As the demand for sustainable alternatives continues to surge, the groundbreaking collaboration between Naturopera and Andritz sets an unparalleled precedent for other companies within the sector to prioritize eco-conscious manufacturing. Through their unwavering dedication to sustainability, they are paving the way for a new era in diaper production, underscoring the vital importance of reducing environmental impact without compromising product quality or performance.


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