MycoWorks Launches Revolutionary Reishi Products, Redefining the Luxury Products Industry

In a groundbreaking stride for the luxury products industry, MycoWorks, the pioneering biotech company, has introduced three revolutionary Reishi products: Doux, Natural, and Pebble. The innovative leather-like materials are produced at the world’s first commercial-scale Fine Mycelium factory located in Union, South Carolina. Notably, these cutting-edge materials are set to exceed the performance levels of some animal leathers, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs.

MycoWorks initially unveiled prototypes of their Fine Mycelium leather-like material in 2016, boasting durability and softness, although with comparatively lower tensile strength. However, the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in a paradigm shift for the industry. Recent advancements in the development of Reishi have elevated its performance to an unprecedented level, encompassing softness, durability, flexibility, finish adhesion, tear strength, abrasion resistance, and homogeneity.

The journey to achieve heritage-level quality has been driven by a profound commitment to discovery, craftsmanship, and the transmission of deep expertise. MycoWorks’ board member and former CEO of Hermès, Patrick Thomas, lauded the company’s dedication to craftsmanship and material innovation, hailing the Fine Mycelium platform as a scalable fusion of artistry and technological prowess.

Already collaborating with prominent brand partners such as Hermès, General Motors, Ligne Roset, Heron Preston, and Nick Fouquet, MycoWorks has firmly established its position as a leading force in the luxury products market. The introduction of the new Reishi articles marks the commencement of commercialization cycles, propelling MycoWorks and its partners into uncharted territory.

CEO Matt Scullin emphasized the company’s unyielding approach to achieving excellence, eschewing shortcuts in favor of ten years of research and development. Unlike many other plant or mycelium-based alternative materials that use plastic to meet basic performance standards, MycoWorks has maintained a vertical approach, owning its entire technology stack. This decision has enabled the company to attain unparalleled expertise, successfully bringing their transformative material to market.

The Fine Mycelium platform’s true power lies in its tunability, allowing for the creation of fully grown biomaterial sheets rather than simply incorporating mycelium as an additional ingredient, as seen in other “mushroom leather” products.

The recent strides in quality were attained through a combination of enhanced growth conditions and a patent-pending tanning method developed in-house. The result is a sophisticated material that offers unmatched versatility and unparalleled environmental sustainability.

As the luxury products industry continues its journey towards ethical and eco-friendly alternatives, MycoWorks’ Reishi products are set to be a game-changer, disrupting traditional manufacturing practices. With its revolutionary approach to craftsmanship and innovation, MycoWorks is poised to redefine the future of luxury, proving that sustainability and excellence can seamlessly coexist in the world of high-end products.


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