PEFC Empowers Fashion Brands and Retailers to Embrace Sustainable Sourcing Practices

In a bid to foster responsible sourcing practices in the fashion industry, PEFC, the world’s leading forest certification organization, has released a groundbreaking whitepaper titled “Enhancing Sustainability through Forest-Positive MMCF Sourcing: A Guide for Fashion Brands and Retailers.” This comprehensive guide aims to empower fashion brands and retailers to embrace sustainable practices when sourcing man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCFs) by emphasizing the importance of sustainable forest management.

The fashion industry has long been under scrutiny for its environmental impact, and the whitepaper sheds light on the significance of sustainable feedstock sourcing, particularly in relation to MMCF materials. It addresses the potential environmental and social risks associated with forests and provides a clear understanding of how PEFC’s holistic approach to sustainable forest management effectively mitigates these risks while promoting the preservation and well-being of forest ecosystems.

One of the key aspects highlighted in the guide is the traceability of MMCF materials. Brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of ensuring transparency and verifiability in their supply chains. The whitepaper offers practical solutions for brands to ensure traceability, enabling them to make credible claims about their responsible feedstock sourcing. By embracing these solutions, fashion brands and retailers can make informed decisions that align with sustainable forest management principles.

Julia Kozlik, the textile program lead at PEFC International, expressed her enthusiasm for the release of the whitepaper, stating, “We are thrilled to release this whitepaper, addressing the urgent need for responsible sourcing practices in the fashion industry. By leveraging the knowledge shared in this paper, fashion brands and retailers can make informed decisions, support sustainable forest management, and preserve biodiversity.”

To further disseminate the insights and findings from the whitepaper, PEFC has announced a webinar scheduled for 12 July at 3 pm CEST. The webinar will present the highlights of the whitepaper and offer valuable insights, providing an opportunity for participants to ask questions and engage with experts in the field.

As the fashion industry continues to grapple with its environmental footprint, initiatives like PEFC’s whitepaper and webinar play a crucial role in empowering brands and retailers to take actionable steps towards sustainable sourcing. By embracing responsible practices and supporting sustainable forest management, fashion industry stakeholders can make a tangible impact on preserving biodiversity and mitigating environmental risks associated with MMCF materials.


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