Take that Greg, says Big Blanket Company

Springfield, Missouri based Big Blanket Company – the maker of the world’s first 100-square-foot blanket – has pulled out all the stops to beat an amomymous challenger on Facebook called Greg.

Building on the success of its award-winning Original Stretch polyester/elastane blanket, the company is now launching a new 400-square-foot version.

This is 300% bigger than the original Big Blanket and weighs in at 45 pounds, making it 350% heavier.

“In 2019 we changed the blanket game forever when we launched the first Big Blanket,” says Bryan Simpson, co-founder and CEO of Big Blanket Company, “but then a guy on Facebook named Greg said he would make a bigger blanket. We couldn’t let that happen and we’re proud to introduce the world’s biggest blanket at 400 square feet. Take that, Greg.”

The new product does, however, come with a few disclaimers.

– It is presumed illegal in Canada and Rhode Island.

– California will tax it as a bedroom.

– It requires two people to lift.

“The world’s biggest big blanket – while risky – brings intentional design to a stagnant product category,” says Simpson. “It’s big enough to cover your deepest, darkest secrets with room to spare.”





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